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Naturenomics™ 5.0 - Water Book

The book captures various aspects of water: Its availability, role in nurturing life and nature and its relationship with religion, celebrations, culture and entertainment. Use and abuse of water, socio economic effects of drought and floods, poisoning...

Annual Award Ceremony 2015


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  • The amount of energy consumed by the world’s data centres – the repositories for billions of gigabytes of information – will treble in the next decade, putting an enormous strain on energy supplies and dealing a hefty blow to efforts to contain global warming, experts say.

  • In the Chinese tradition, 2015-2016 is the year of the ram or sheep. In a Hindu calendar, it is called Manmada. But, I would like to call the coming year 2016 as the Year of the Elephant, in honour of what all we have learnt about elephants up until the end of the year 2015.

  • The federal government was already deeply involved. It took the efforts of private citizens to expose the threat to public health, as it had in Washington, D.C., when that city suffered a major water lead crisis a decade ago.

  • Paris Climate March

    World leaders at the UN climate talks have just set a landmark goal that can save everything we love! This is what we marched for, what we signed, called, donated, messaged, and hoped for: a brilliant and massive turning point in human history.

Contribution by balipara foundation

  • Naturenomics™

    Developed Naturenomics™ framework that relates to capital formation for a region or an organization through the creation of ecologically 'compliant' assets in a sustainable manner.

  • Publications

    Published over 8 books on Naturenomics, with over 20 contributors and partners.

  • Conservation Enterpreneurship

    Financed environment projects worth 2 million INR and Recognised over 25 Nature Heroes with Balipara Foundation Awards since 2013.

  • Organic Farming

    Initiative with 1000 farmers across 50 villages from 8 diverse communities in partnership with Morarka Foundation & OneCert Asia.

  • Nursery Formation

    Endemic Nursery Project for 1 million saplings initiated in 2014.

  • Training Centers

    Training Center for Organic Cultivation, Solar & Biogas Applications, Water Harvesting & Solid Waste Management.

  • Wildlife Protection

    Engaged in wildlife protection at Kaziranga National Park since 1988.

  • Grants Facilitation

    Facilitated grants & donation worth 10 million INR to Kazriranga National Park.

  • Species Conservation

    Created & collated taxonomical database of 1,100 species of endemic plants of Assam, including 400 medicinal plants and 247 wild edible plants.