Balipara Tract and Frontier Foundation (BTFF)

Instituted on the 4th of July 2007, the Balipara Foundation has been a leading advocate of the principles of Naturenomics™, both in theory and in practice. The Naturenomics™ model seeks to bring the objectives of economics in line with the imperatives of nature. Located in the state of Assam, North Eastern Region of India, and being part of the Indo-Myanmar Biodiversity Hotspot, the location has inspired its vision of creating a Biodiversity Knowledge Bank. The Foundation, firm in ins belief that “interdependence is of greater value than independence” will strive to create interdependencies between all life forms and natural systems with the objectives of conserving and preserving our natural heritage.

Balipara Foundation was conceived by Globally Managed Services and River Journeys & Bungalows of India and is currently run by a board of Trustees and onsite professional managers. BTFF is also represented through members in an advisory capacity in all North Eastern states.

Facilitate the creation of a Sustainable and Economically viable Biodiversity Knowledge Bank, in Northeast India
To use the principles of Naturenomics under the verticals of LEEWAC (Land, Energy, Environment, Water, Air, and Carbon), to maximize employment generation, social entrepreneurship and enhance environmental values and material wealth for the local communities, prioritizing focus on
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Chairman's Message
  • Our vision of “creating a biodiversity knowledge bank” is to actually understand the “economics of interdependency” between us and everything else that surrounds us. We believe that this understanding will show us the way to securitize our food, water & energy needs in a manner that is sustainably and mutually benefical.

    Mr. Ranjit Barthakur

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