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A dead tiger cub is held up by a Thai official after authorities found 40 tiger cub carcasses during a raid on the controversial Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi province, west of Bangkok, Thailand June 1, 2016. (Reuters)BANGKOK:
1 year 3 months ago

 Thai wildlife authorities found 40 tiger cub...

1 year 5 months ago

Growing numbers of animal traders are using closed groups on Facebook and password-protected online forums to reach Asian customers.

1 year 6 months ago

Tibet's exiled leaders, including the Dalai Lama, said on Tuesday two-thirds of the glaciers in their mountain homeland may disappear by 2050 because of climate change and demanded a stake in international climate talks later this year.

1 year 6 months ago

Thailand destroyed over two tonnes of smuggled ivory worth USD 2.8 million, signalling the government's determination to fight the illegal trade in the country, a major transit hub and destination for smuggled tusks.

1 year 6 months ago

Climate change and the overuse of water in agriculture means water scarcity poses a growing threat to farmers, households and industry in Vietnam. 

1 year 6 months ago

The session 'Deploying Nature-based Solutions to Address Societal Challenges' included a wide range of examples from across Asia.

4 months 4 weeks ago

The session 'Valuing and Conserving Nature' focused on Asia's forests. Read a summary of the speakers' main points..


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