Case Study: Dr. Tirtha : Life Time Achievement Winner @ BFA 2016

EHNF was a 2 day session that brought together individuals, institutes, government bodies and ministries to speak on Asian Elephant Conservation and honour the ecological champions, who contribute to protecting the biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas. The Event took place at Vivanta by Taj, Guwahati on 8th & 9th Nov'16.

A leading authority on Nepal’s biodiversity and taxonomic classification, Dr. Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha has devoted his entire life to the conservation of biological diversity and ecosystems in the eastern Himalaya. The foremost botanist and a hero of environmental conservation of endemic plant species in Nepal, Dr. Shrestha served as the team leader for the creation of Makalu-Barun National Park and has helped to classify major forests in the country throughout his career. As the author of Nepal's Country Report on Biodiversity, Dr. Shrestha has conducted the classification of rare and endangered taxa across the country. Not only that, he have authored more than 20 books, and hundreds of articles, containing new discoveries, concepts and ideas that he have helped mainstream through education and journalism. Your management plans positing that indigenous wisdom is needed to create locally-viable solutions for Nepal’s national parks were way ahead of its time.


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