Gautam Uzir is a practicing lawyer at the Guwahati High Court since 1984. He is also a highly regarded and eminent lawyer in Assam, well-versed in several branches of the discipline of law. He is renowned for his accomplishments regarding public interest litigations in the eld of environment, forest and wildlife cases. He is also a regular guest lecturer at the Assam Forest School situated at Jalukbari (Assam) and Central Academy for State Forest Service, Byrnihat, Assam. He is also a member of State board of Wildlife, Assam. He authored the 1st edition of the compilation publication, ‘Assam Forest Manual’ in 2009.

Social Impact:

Gautam helped in setting up and bringing order to the education system for the blind in Assam. He also helped secure justice for leprosy victims. He was also involved in litigation of manholes in public footpaths.

Economic Impact:

Gautam was involved in the revival of public sector undertakings in Assam. GAUTAM UZIR Recipient of Green Legal Awards, 2013 - Assam

Ecological Impact:

Gautam, as a public interest lawyer, played a major role in checking on encroachment in forest areas of Assam. He was also able to secure directions from the Guwahati High Court against the Ledo Margherita open cast mining and set up an auent treatment plant at Digboi. He is also involved in the ght against rhino poaching in Kaziranga National Park. He also brought to notice about how the present railway track at Deepor Beel will degrade the southern side of Beel and cause great impact to the Rani-Garbhanga-Deepor Beel elephant corridor.

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