Case Study: Miksak Apal Natural Resource Management Group Meghalaya

Formed in 2004-2005, the Miksak Apal Natural Resource Management Group (NaRMG) trains the village community of Selbalgre in natural resource, organisation and financial management with an emphasis on the restoration of the environment along with improvement of livelihoods. Under their aegis, community members have taken over the conservation and management of the 35-hecatre Selbalgre Village Reserve Forest. Because of the efforts of Miksak Apal Natural Resource Management Group, the community conserved forest is now also home to elephants, wild pigs, monkeys, deer, different species of birds and reptiles, and even the endangered Hoolock gibbon. Tourists flock to the village from different parts of India to experience the serene beauty of Selbalgre.

They have proved that natural resources can be protected and conserved with the active participation of communities by making Selbalgre a model village for others to emulate. 


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