Creating Drivers for Asian Elephant Conservation

1. Asian Elephant Secretariat:

  • Establish a regional Think Tank to drive the implementation of the major recommendations of Elephant Talk 15.
  • To establish a resource/knowledge centre for elephants in order to preserve the rich legacy of elephants in culture and nature of the region


2. Transboundary Protection & Corridor Connectivity:

  • Prepare a list of “high priority corridors” that need to be secured in the North Eastern Region of India & bordering states.
  • Prepare an Action Plan to secure the corridors that connect the Kaziranga- Karbi Anglong Landscapes.
  • Prepare an Action Plan for protection of Habitats and corridor connectivity along the Indo-Bhutan Elephant Range.


3. Human Elephant Conflict Resolution:

  • Engage local community and other stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive protection plan to reduce elephant & human deaths.
  • Prepare a Policy Paper for reforming Community Compensation Mechanisms and Systems
  • Develop Educational & Awareness Tools for educating Local Communities on Incidence Management


4. Wildlife Protection Acts:

  • Prepare a Position Paper on reforms that need to be introduced into the Wildlife Acts.


5. Captive Elephants:

  • To promote the welfare of captive elephant and its management, establish a training centre for mahouts, and wildlife managers and veterinarians.


6. Generation Next:

  • Involve Generation Next in already existing programmes and through innovative programmes.


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