Recommenced Waste Management Project - First Workshop


  • Conducted waste management workshop for the staff of Wild Mahseer and others dealing mostly with management of waste in the entire campus.
  • Explained every point in an easier way to make them understand the process.
  • Focused mainly on the segregation of wastes in the dustbins and clusters.


On the 2nd day of this month at 10.00am, we have successfully re-started the Waste Management Project at Wild Mahseer. The workshop was organized to train the staff and consultants at Wild Mahseer including the Eastern Himalaya Botanic Ark. Naturenomics™ lead, Mr. Gautam Baruah and Manu Saikia explained the process of managing waste developed from the respective bungalows and rest of the area. They were supported in their endeavour by the Wild Mahseer consultants. The whole process has started with a new enthusiasm with the aim of maintaining the process regularly by all members of the campus.. They were also told about the relationship of good health and hygiene to waste management.


  • Our main motive was to create awareness  among the attendees, the importance of waste management for us and for the environment.
  • They learned the significance of the process along with the importance behind the implementation of the process.
  • They learned the fundamentals on segregation of different types of wastes starting from each of the bunglows up to the specific clusters set up in the back of First flush, Golden tips and Heritage bungalow.
  • Many workers are new to the family so our team members will conduct workshop once in a week for their ease in order to eliminate any kind of doubt and confusion regarding the process.
  • The team will work together to keep the campus clean and hygienic.

With full coordination, execution and enthusiasm the whole process will achieve maximum success.


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